For those with long-term overactive bladder issues, you have likely tried the first line of defense, such as lifestyle changes or physical therapy. You probably have also tried second-line treatments, such as medication. It can be frustrating if you continue to experience symptoms. It may feel like you’ve tried every option, but rest assured, there is hope! Axonics Therapy is considered a third-line treatment for those who have not found success with more conservative options. And it may be the solution that can help improve your symptoms.

If you qualify for Axonics Therapy based on your symptoms and health history, your doctor at RGU may recommend this bladder control treatment to help you regain control of your bladder so you can live a more comfortable, happier life.

A Solution to Help Minimize Your Symptoms

There’s one important thing about Axonics Therapy your provider wants you to know — it’s not going to give you back the bladder of a 16-year-old. Perhaps you struggle with urinary incontinence, urinary retention, bowel incontinence, or frequent urgency to urinate. Your body has changed, and these symptoms may now be a part of your everyday life. However, with Axonics Therapy you can significantly reduce your symptoms.

If you’re tired of worrying about how far you are from the nearest bathroom or the number of times you wake up each night, Axonics Therapy can help. It can help reduce how frequently you have to go, which means fewer disruptions to your activities, including sleep.

Axonics Therapy GIves You Back Control

When you’re approved for Axonics Therapy, you’ll undergo a temporary trial prior to receiving the implant for long-term therapy. This trial is an important part of the process and allows you to determine firsthand if this therapy is a viable option for you, before you move ahead with receiving the implant.

About 8 out of 10 patients who go through the trial go forward with the implant. This is a high success rate, and compared to medication and other therapies, it is considered one of the most successful therapies that addresses these issues.

Once you and your doctor at RGU determine that Axonics Therapy is your next step in managing your symptoms, you’ll undergo an outpatient procedure to have the miniature Axonics implant, about the size of a quarter, placed in the upper buttock area, just under the skin. The implant provides gentle stimulation to the nerves that control the bladder to help restore normal communication between your brain and bladder. Although there is no cure for overactive bladder, Axonics Therapy offers a long-lasting treatment to help you manage your symptoms. Plus, you’ll receive a pocket-sized, easy-to-use remote control that will allow you to discreetly monitor and adjust your therapy on-demand. “That really gives a lot of patients self-control and independence in the management of their systems,” RGU urology specialist Dr. Emma Bendaña said.

Benefits of Axonics Therapy

This clinically-proven treatment has helped patients improve their quality of life. In fact, after two years of receiving the therapy, 93 % of patients achieved clinically significant improvements (more than a 50% reduction) in incontinence symptoms. 

Additionally, Axonics Therapy:

  • Helps reduce the symptoms of an overactive bladder, urine leakage, urine retention, urine frequency, and fecal incontinence 
  • Offers a long-term solution, so you can reduce your number of doctor’s visits
  • Minimizes the risk of side effects from other treatments, such as medication
  • Enables you to get back to enjoying life

According to Dr. Bendaña, Axonics is a great option, but the choice to use it depends on the patient, especially regarding overactive bladder. Nevertheless, Dr. Bendaña believes “it’s a great option for a lot of patients, especially those who have tried everything else.” If you and your doctor decide to pursue Axonics for you, RGU is ready to provide it!

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